Item NamePer DayExtra DayWeekly
High Bar Table (42")$10.24$5.12$30.72
White Patio Table (44" across)$8.82$4.41$26.46
Bridge/Card Table$6.04$3.02$18.12
4' Round Table (48")$8.20$4.10$24.50
5' Round Table (60")$9.87$4.94$29.61
Banquet Table (8' x 30")$9.50$4.75$28.50
Banquet Table (6' x 30")$7.88$3.94$23.64
Banquet Table (4' x 30")$7.50$3.75$22.50
Bar Table (30")$7.30
Lecture Table (8' x 18")$9.50$4.75$28.50
Lecture Table (6' x 18")$7.88$3.94$23.64
Lecture Table (4' x 18")$7.50$3.75$22.50

Table Linen

Item NameOne Time ChargeDetails
30” Black Spandex Bar Table Cover$11.00
42" Spandex Cover$11.00Black, Red and White
Fitted Spandex Cover – 6’ Rectangular Tables$15.00Black
54" x 120" Table Linen$11.40Available in Black and White
90”x132” Black Floor Length linen$14.50Black
18" x 18" Napkins$1.00Available in Black and White
108" Round Table Linen$13.65Available in White
120" Round Table Linen$14.75Available in Black and White


Item NamePer DayExtra DayWeekly
Vintage Couch and Chair Set$200
Bar Stool$5.50$2.75$16.50
Brown Folding Plastic Chair$1.55$0.75$4.50
Club Chair$75.00
Black Leather Couch$120.00
Chair Cover (White/Black)$3.00$1.50$9.00
Director Chair (Wood)$7.00$3.50$21.00
Executive Office Chair$25.00
White Plastic Fanback Chair$2.50$1.25$7.50
White Folding Garden Chair$4.00$2.00$12.00
Grey Sectional Couch$120.00
Office Steno Chair$13.00
Grey Padded Armchair$2.10$1.05$6.30
Grey Padded Banquet Chair$3.00$1.50$9.00
White Folding Plastic Chair$2.30$1.15$6.90
White Resin Bistro Chair$2.50$1.25$7.50
White Universal Spandex Chair Cover$2.50


Item NamePer DayDetails
Beer Glasses (12.5oz)$5.60 dz.
Beer Glasses (14oz)$5.60 dz.
Serving Platters$3.25 ea.
Large Oval Refreshment Tub$30.00 ea.
4 Tier Dessert/Cupcake Stand$15.00 ea.Glass
Wine Glasses (6.5oz)$5.60 dz.
Wine Glasses (10oz)$5.60 dz.
Wine Glasses (8.5oz)$5.60 dz.
Beverage Dispenser (8L)$12.00 ea.
Bread Baskets$1.00 ea.
Chafing Dish$18.00 ea.Sterno flame $4.00 extra
Champange Glasses$7.00 dz.
Coffee Percolator (40 Cup)$15.00 ea.
Coffee Percolator (100 Cup)$20.00 ea.
Cream and Sugar Sets$3.00 ea.
Charger Plates Silver/Gold$1.50 ea.Gold or Silver
Metal Drink Tub$12.00 ea.
Small Round Refreshment Tub$10.00 ea.
Coffee Mug$6.00 dz.6oz or 8oz
Clear Plastic Jug (60oz)$2.25 ea.
Punch Bowl$14.50 ea.Chrome c/w glasses
Rock Glasses$5.60 dz.
Salt and Pepper Shakers$3.00 set
Serving Bowls (12" - 14")$2.50 - $3.50 ea.
Serving Utensils$1.50 ea.Spoons, tongs, lifters
Stainless Steel Jug (3L)$2.75 ea.
Wine Glasses Seamless (15oz)$5.60 dz.
Water Glasses$5.60 dz.


Item NamePer Day
Cartier Dinner Fork$5.50 dz.
Cartier Dessert Fork$5.50 dz.
Cartier Tablespoon$5.50 dz.
Cartier Teaspoon$5.50 dz.
Cartier Butter Knife$5.50 dz.
10" Pearl White Dinner Plates$8.00 dz.
7.5" Pearl White Bread Plates$6.00 dz.
6" Pearl White Dessert Plates$6.50 dz.
Pearl White Soup Plate or Bowl$5.90 dz.
Pearl White Cup and Saucer Set$7.00 dz.


Item Name1-3 DaysWeeklyDetails
16" High (Black Top) 4' x 4' Staging$35.00$90.0024 units avalible
32" High (Black Top) 4' x 4' Staging$35.00$90.00
16" Stage Skirting$2.10/ft$2.50/ft
28" Stage Skirting$2.40/ft$3.00/ft

Drapery and Skirting

Item Name1-3 DaysDetails
Drape (12' High)$6.50/linear footLimited Colours - Pipe and drape included in price
Drape (10' High)$4.50/linear footLimited Colours - Pipe and drape included in price
Drape (8' High)$3.50/linear footPipe and drape included in price
Drape (5' High)$2.50/linear footLimited Colours - Pipe and drape included in price
Drape (3' High)$2.50/linear footPipe and drape included in price
Table Skirting (40" High)$2.90
Table Skirting (28" High)$2.10

Display Systems

Item NamePer DayDetails
Poster Panels (4' x 3')$16.50
Poster Panel Pole (6')$16.50

Audio & Video Equipment

Item NamePer DayExtra DayWeekly
Flatscreen (42")$110.00$55.00$330.00
LCD Video Projector 1080p$100.00$50.00$300.00
Metal Truss Lecturn$100.00$50.00$300.00
Video Screen (72" x 72")$55.00$17.50$105.00

Decorating Accessories

Item NamePer DayDetails
Archway (Branch Covered Structure)$65.00
3 Piece Tiered Candle Holders$6.00
50' Outdoor String Lights$20.00
Vintage Hurricane Oil Lamp$6.00Smokeless - Safe Indoors
Large & Small Decorative Lanterns$5.00 - $8.00
Rustic Wedding Bench$40.0096" Length
Vase Assortment$2.00 - $10.00

Event Fun Food

Item NamePer DayDetails
Cone and Bag Kits$6.50Serves 10
Cotton Candy Machine$80.00
Candy Floss Packets$6.00 ea.Makes 10 Servings
Popcorn Machine$80.00
Popcorn & Bags$10.00Serves 10
Sno-Cone Machine$80.00
Sno-Cone Flavouring$10.00 ea.Makes 25 Sno-Cones


Item NamePer DayDetails
Coat Rack$10.255' (Fits 25 Coats)
Coat Tree$6.25
Coat Hangers$0.05 - $0.25
Coffee & End Table - Live Edge$45.00-$55.00
Silver Floor Mirror 60”x18”$18.0060" x 18" easel style
Picket Fence (White)$17.608' sections
Balloon Arch$150.00
Stanchion Queue Rope - Black$7.006' Black Velour
Scissors (32' Ceremonial)$13.00
Dancefloor 14'x14'$1.65 sq. ft.
Draw Drum (Small)$22.50
Draw Drum (Large)$27.50
Propane Fryer w/ 40qt Pot$25.00
Garbage Container (40 gal)$8.00
Retractable Black Stanchions$14.0022" x 28"
Sign Stand$15.00
Chrome Stanchion Trumpet Base$7.0032"
Stanchion Queue Rope - Red and Burgundy$7.006' or 10' Burgundy Velour
Red Patio Umbrella$12.007'
Molded Bar$125.00


Item NamePer DayDetails
10’x10’ Metal Frame Pop-Up Canopy Tent$130
10’x15’ Metal Frame Pop-Up Canopy Tent$165
10’x20’ Metal Frame Pop-Up Canopy Tent$200

Delivery & Pickup

Please Note: We do not deliver rental equipment up or down stairs.

Delivery and Pickup total is $75 within Kitchener-Waterloo during our regular business hours Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

If you require delivery or pick up outside of these hours, a $46 overtime labour charge is applicable, per person per hour (minimum 1 hour charge).

Rental Details

  • Rental equipment pickup is from 9:00 AM -5:00 PM
  • Equipment must be returned on schedule by 12:00 PM
  • Please make an appointment to view equipment